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Learn more about what the Academy offers to the U.S. Hemophilia Treatment Center Network

What We Delivered

The Partners Physician Academy was a resounding success in 2022 and 2023. Participants and faculty came together from all corners of the United States and spent a week in collaboration, learning, and social engagement. In the spirit of supporting physician career advancement for the hemophilia treatment center network, a community was built based on the camaraderie of working towards the common goal of improved care for patients with rare bleeding disorders.

The Partners Physician Academy community grows in 2023 for the second annual program.

Partners Physician Academy 2022 Cohort

Testimonials from the Physician Academy Community

Megan Brown 1:58

Emory University

Joe Pugliese 0:54

Hemophilia Alliance, Premier Sponsor of the Academy

Christina Amend 0:39

University of Wisconsin in Madison

Pooja Vijayvargiya 1:41

Fellow at Emory University

Hilary Whitworth 0:46

MD, Pediatric Hematologist, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia